Single field effect transistor capacitor-less memory device and method of operating the same

A. Biswas; N. Dagtekin; M. A. Ionescu


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A single field effect transistor capacitor-less memory device, and method of operating the same, including a drain region, a source region, an intrinsic channel region between the drain region and the source region forming the single field effect transistor and a base. The device further includes a fin structure comprising the source region, the intrinsic channel and the drain region, the fin structure extending outwardly from the base, and a double gate comprising a first gate connected to a first exposed lateral face of the intrinsic channel region for transistor control, and a second gate connected to a second exposed lateral face of the intrinsic channel region to generate a potential well for storing mobile charge carriers permitting memory operation, the first gate and the second gate being asymmetric for asymmetric electrostatic control of the device.


Junctionless nano-electro-mechanical resonant transistor

S. Bartsch; M. A. Ionescu


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A junctionless Nano-Electro-Mechanical (NEM) resonator, comprising a highly doped conductive channel (4) connecting a drain (9) and a source (10) electrode and movably fixed by at least two ends (11, 11') acting as said source and drain electrodes, respectively at least one fixed gate electrode (3, 3') arranged to control a depletion charge (5) in the highly doped conductive channel (4) thereby modulating dimensions of a cross-section of the highly doped conductive channel (4). A dimension of the cross-section in the direction of an electrical field that is oriented from the fixed gate electrode (3, 3') to the highly doped conductive channel (4), is designed in such a way that it can be reduced under the effect of the depletion charge such that a full depletion in the highly doped conductive channel (4) is achievable with the control of the fixed gate electrode.


Ferroelectric tunnel fet switch and memory

M. A. Ionescu


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A Ferroelectric tunnel FET switch as ultra-steep (abrupt) switch with subthreshold swing better than the MOSFET limit of 60 mV/decade at room temperature combining two key principles: ferroelectric gate stack and band-to-band tunneling in gated p-i-n junction, wherein the ferroelectric material included in the gate stack creates, due to dipole polarization with increasing gate voltage, a positive feedback in the capacitive coupling that controls the band-to-band (BTB) tunneling at the source junction of a silicon p-i-n reversed bias structure, wherein the combined effect of BTB tunneling and ferroelectric negative capacitance offers more abrupt off-on and on-off transitions in the present proposed Ferroelectric tunnel FET than for any reported tunnel FET or any reported ferroelectric FET.


Active multi gate micro-electro-mechanical device with built-in transistor

M. A. Ionescu; D. Grogg


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The present invention exploits the combination of the amplification, provided by the integration of a FET (or any other three terminal active device), with the signal modulation, provided by the MEM resonator, to build a MEM resonator with built-in transistor (hereafter called active MEM resonator). In these devices, a mechanical displacement is converted into a current modulation and depending on the active MEM resonator geometry, number of gates and bias conditions it is possible to selectively amplify an applied signal. This invention integrates proposes to integrate transistor and micro-electro-mechanical resonator operation in a device with a single body and multiple surrounding gates for improved performance, control and functionality. Moreover, under certain conditions, an active resonator can serve as DC-AC converter and provide at the output an AC signal corresponding to its mechanical resonance frequency.


Light phase modulator

K. Moselund; P. Dainesi; M. A. Ionescu


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The invention relates to a light phase modulator, which is based on a multi-gate transistor, sandwiching a Silicon-on-Insulator manowine used as an optical waveguide.


An optical modulator

L. Thévenaz; P. Dainesi


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An optical modulator is arranged to compensate for the thermo-optical modulating effects induced by charge-injection based phase modulators. It comprises first modulator means (3), that receive optical radiation (11, 21), direct it along an optical path, apply a first predetermined optical phase modulation by the injection of free charges into the optical path, and output optical radiation (13, 22) so modulated. Compensator means (4) apply, to optical radiation output from (13, 22), or to be received by, the first modulator means (3), a second predetermined optical modulation chosen to substantially compensate for stray thermo-optical phase modulations imposed upon received optical radiation by the first modulator means (3) as a result of thermal dissipation within the first modulator means.